The Italian language . . I love it!

I love Italian – it’s a beautiful language and though it can be very difficult at times – the same word can mean doughnut, lifebelt and toilet seat . . .   it is very lyrical. Even sayings which exist in English and Italian somehow always turn out more elegantly in Italian. For example ‘When the cats away, the mice will play’ becomes ‘When the cats away, the mice will dance’

I learned a new one this morning.  It’s currently -3 deg with a freezing Northern wind giving a serious chill factor down to -10/11. At the local hospital this morning, somebody walked in and left the front door open. In English, we’d probably say ‘were you born in a barn?

Somebody said to the offender: ‘were you born in the Colosseum?”

See what I mean?

A presto!


3 Replies to “The Italian language . . I love it!”

  1. Molte grazie per l’amore sincero per la lingua di Dante, nata dal latino, e probabilmente anche per la bella ‘Città Eterna’…, anche se io sono milanese.
    (Thanks so much for your sincere love for Dante’s language, born from Latin, and most likely for the beautiful ‘Everlasting City’ too, even if I am from Milan.)

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