Johnny Swing- the musical

One of the reasons that I’ve not been on RAM for a while is that I’ve been working hard on ‘Johnny Swing – the musical’ I’ve been recording with Enrico, Giacomo and Matteo three fantastic young Italian musicians, so now the hardest part – getting the gigs…..

You can download the tracks for free, (however if you feel the urge/need to donate something to help us get this project off the ground that would be extra fine!)

So Happy Easter from me, Lesley and the boys!


R.I.P. Jim Marshall

Clapton, Hendrix, Kossoff (yeah, the best . . . .) and all their successors owe it to the man…

This is me with the only Marshall I’ve ever owned . . . a few years ago at The Squat, in Manchester…..

P.S I ever find the bastard who stole that 1969 Thinline— serial Number 226445— that’s Rusholme/Didsbury if you’re wondering how I can remember it to this day…… and the fact that I loved that guitar…..