R.I.P. Jim Marshall

Clapton, Hendrix, Kossoff (yeah, the best . . . .) and all their successors owe it to the man…

This is me with the only Marshall I’ve ever owned . . . a few years ago at The Squat, in Manchester…..

P.S I ever find the bastard who stole that 1969 Thinline— serial Number 226445— that’s Rusholme/Didsbury if you’re wondering how I can remember it to this day…… and the fact that I loved that guitar…..


5 Replies to “R.I.P. Jim Marshall”

  1. To have created a sound that influenced a generation of musicians… maybe for ever… some achievement . . the rock guitar sound has two roots, the way I see it, – Leo and Jim – I play through a Cornford- but at the end of the day the valve sound comes from those two . . . maybe VOX too but to be one of that triumvirate – the man deserves a place in rock history . . . .a big place

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