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Long time no see……

Well it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted….. several reasons.

1. There’s been a new edition to the Jones family…. yes I’ve bought a new ipad….

2. My scanner has gone AWOL…. as has the man who’s meant to be fixing it.

3. I’ve been extremely busy with work

…. there’s a lot of weird people out there who’s idea of logo design is a badger on a skateboard wearing a baseball cap… back to front, of course.

Also people who think unlimited revisions is a reasonable contractual stipulation … like thinking that you can return to an eat as much as you like restaurant for the rest of your life…..

people who feel it is OK to write things like “should hav a good grasp of english linguage…”

but then there are also requests for a ‘a new logo for our coven’ ….. you wouldn’t want to get that wrong, would you?



I’ve always been fascinated by this type of beer bottle top…… as it goes, it’s as good an excuse as I can find to drink beer—– as if I needed one, Cheers C.T.