R.I.P. Ger McHugh & Peter Williams (1952-2012)

About an hour ago, I got a message from Brian Cassidy (on the left)  an old friend from Manchester telling me that our friend Ger (foreground) had passed away peacefully at 6 am this morning. I remembered that I had this pic from 2004 which also includes another dear friend Peter Williams (on right) who passed away suddenly but peacefully last September. This is how I remember both of them – happy and inevitably with a beer in hand.



3 Replies to “R.I.P. Ger McHugh & Peter Williams (1952-2012)”

  1. Ger taught my sister and I at North Area College in the late 1990’s. I was surprised to learn today that he had passed away. He had got in touch via Facebook a couple of years ago and seemed well. He was a great bloke and I am sorry for his family that he has gone.

    1. I first met Ger in about 1975. We didn’t see each other very often after the first couple of years. But it was that kind of friendship that always picked up where it had left off. Many people miss him. I know I do.

  2. Ger was my teacher in 2001. He taught me a lot of things that everyone should learn. I’m so very, very sad to hear that he has passed.

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