Real crisps . . .



6 Replies to “Real crisps . . .”

    1. Thank you! To mis-quote Benjamin Franklin ‘Crisps are proof that there is a God, and that he wants us to be happy!’ I know the original was beer, but they work so well together!

      Strange coincidence – detox! as I write this munching delicious muesli(!)with fruit juice, I realize that we must be sharing the same guilt trip . . . . . . ‘Isn’t mineral water tasty?!! I can’t get enough of it,’ he lied.

      1. You know the history of ‘tonic water’ with alcohol, don’t you? Or is it just part of British Empire history?

        ‘Tonic water’ often given its full name ‘Indian Tonic water’ is essentially quinine in water, which the British used to drink in India to avoid malaria… the gin was added to cover the bitter taste of the quinine. Hence it became THE drink of the upper classes.

        So bizarrely tonic water was not so much detox as a beneficial natural product!! How healthy are you, hey !

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