The problem is that after a gig I’m always full of adrenalin. So whereas Lesley, who has inevitably driven, is tired and ready for bed, I end up having a ‘nightcap’ –(UK euphemism for YET another drink) -which is often when I draw as well. So after a night at Stefano’s …this was inevitable. I think this is the first time I have actually fallen asleep whilst drawing. There is no other way to explain the curved rectangular appendage which I have a added to a reasonable (though far from perfect . . . . .)  image . . . . . Cheers!


Notte Blu at Chiusi – at Caffe Venezia

Another great evening – a musical first for me – I’ve never had my  drummer arrested by men in Medieval chainmail for apparently maliciously playing South American music! Stefano was on top form – – improvised an obscene blues, and played half of a bass solo—-the right hand!   chionco001 chionco002Notte Blue at Chiusi