Festa dell’Uva @ Chiusi

So suddenly out of the blue, Valerio calls me about doing a gig for this festa.  He used to run a bar in the village when I lived here first time around.


It was a great night  and we launched a newly arranged/written tune ‘Two steps back’

Very pleased with it.

Ironically a few days after speaking to Valerio, this poster fell out of a book… one of the first gigs I did in Italy when Valerio had the bar in the village!!!

I think it would have been 9th April 1999 . . .  I reckon


Genus – Catfish; Variety – Welsh

Three months prior to this  series of gigs, we’d been in Avigliano for the South Italy Blues Connection. We met and I played with the Blind Catfish Blues Band- greta guys

and it was a lot of fun! We kept in touch and this mini-tour came about. It was a great weekend. Thanks, Guys. welshcatfish012 tamburi015

What did you say?

This is a ‘late night several cans of beer’ post – but one that I feel needs to be shared.
This is a job posting:

“I am searching for someone who can work fast, qualitative and communicate good.”

Like your good self, presumably!