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Genus – Catfish; Variety – Welsh

Three months prior to this  series of gigs, we’d been in Avigliano for the South Italy Blues Connection. We met and I played with the Blind Catfish Blues Band- greta guys

and it was a lot of fun! We kept in touch and this mini-tour came about. It was a great weekend. Thanks, Guys. welshcatfish012 tamburi015


What did you say?

This is a ‘late night several cans of beer’ post – but one that I feel needs to be shared.
This is a job posting:

“I am searching for someone who can work fast, qualitative and communicate good.”

Like your good self, presumably!

art-illustration-design Cats Life Sketching Thoughts

A completed project !

The internet is great for many reasons but there is nothing as good as seeing your work in print. This was featured in an article about Baer who designed the book and commissioned my drawings.


art-illustration-design Cats Life Sketching Thoughts

Wes !

This is an illustration for a children’s story I wrote some time ago, before I started drawing. I’d given it to  my friend Paul, to see what he thought. A  week or two ago, he posted to say that he was reading the story to his children, so I started work on the illustrations. wes!