Love it!!!!

A few words missing in this text– it was MORE than twenty years old when I bought it: and I’ve probably NOT put more than a dozen films throughout it. photo 2


8 Replies to “Love it!!!!”

    1. I’d love to but the price is prohibitive where I live. But what’s your comment re the meter about? I’m sorry i don’t understand… It’s a beautiful piece of ‘optical engineering’ That’s enough for me! 🙂

      1. If you need help finding cheaper film, I could try and help you depending on your location, there are places online that sells them for a good price.

        When I talked about the meter, what I meant was like
        “we don’t need meter :)”

        The camera is sure a beauty, cheers!

      2. Thanks for the offer!
        I did a Masters in photography a couple of years back which I did digitally.. I never liked darkroom work hence I was no good at it. So my main thing was colour and what I loved was using Kodachrome 25/64 – that was great.

        What I like most though is the feel of a piece of equipment like the Yashica. Somebody loaned me a Hasselblad xPan a long while ago- that was wonderful!

        I’m not anti new technology – i just think that it is so easy, people don’t think about it anymore. Next year I’m planning to run courses in ‘Slow Photography’ – digital, yes but ‘taking time taking pictures’ that’s the tag line!

        Bye for now!

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