a little something. . .

Well, it’s the first of December, and it’s that festive time of year where we spend, eat and drink to excess. Mainly good fun but there’s the worry of buying presents what can we get for so-and-so? Here’s thought that doesn’t cost a fortune. This is RAM in a matchbox- or to be more precise MATCHBOOX- a company in Holland that produces miniature handmade books. They commissioned this book from me based on the column I did for a Dutch arts journal which in turn is based on my journals –  it’s a miniaturised version of this blog, in effect. It’s a lovely idea and I was delighted to be commissioned  to do this-  a delightful miniature Japanese-type book in a tiny presentation box

The Cost: including postage and packing-  and will be sent in a jiffy bag:

within Europe 8.00 euro; US and Canada 9 euro; Australia 10 euro.

A snip as they say: perfect stocking filler, or party favour; or a ‘little something’ . . . . .




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