I need a larger USB and was comparing the current with the old cost. My first USB cost 42 pounds sterling and had a capacity of 256 Mb. Yesterday I paid 8.99 for 16Gb.


An acute observation? Or just another rant?

It was the day of New Year’s eve and under the International Festivities Act (1951- implied terms), I was honour bound to ‘go for a walk’ . The Law clearly states that during the festive season, unless you are actively involved in eating, drinking, sleeping or bickering with your loved ones, then you should attempt a brisk walk. The logic is that this MAY aid recovery after the seasonal excesses, and more importantly may help assuage the massive guilt of your own peccadilloes. In reality, it rarely achieves either, but . .

Anyway as I turned out of the lane, I saw two men talking, and though I could not actually hear what he was saying the dominant one had the confident and clipped pronunciation of the British upper-middle classes. I realised he was a doctor – the fact that they were standing outside the entrance to an isolated private hospital was a bit of a clue, but in case that provided insufficient evidence he had also thoughtfully draped a stethoscope around his neck. You might be forgiven for thinking that this would be normal appearance of a doctor hard at work. However ask yourself, as I did, what sort of pretentious tosspot goes outside the presumably well-heated hospital after having carefully put his stethoscope back on OVER his overcoat?!

PS Happy New Year!