The power of the Internet?

Yup, there is a lot of rubbish out there, but this morning I’ve listened to Mongolian throat singing, and Tom Jones singing Fred McDowell’s ‘You gotta move’ with Seasick Steve! Good start to a rainy day in Manchester.

Funny old world . . . . . . 

On the radio, there is a guy who was a year below me at school, who according to Cameron  has a formidable reputation in the field of defence and disarmament.. (and) led the challenge to dangerous unilateralism in the Eighties. Hmm. And then there was Rowan Williams, another ‘old boy’ from my school, who was living in Lambeth Palace and intervening in World politics!

Me ? I had a great night on Thursday playing with some well funky musicians….. and looking forward to more of it. Funny old world.