Patronising git

I had the misfortune this evening to see a short piece of University Challenge.

The participants were asked to identify the composer of a piece of music; They offer Schubert.

Paxman’s response “Schubert! (said in disbelief) Schoenberg!”

Let me point out to you, Jeremy, that it is very easy to be smug if you have the answer in front of you. And frankly if you DID know the answer, you are not there to show off your esoteric knowledge. Twat.

The (lost?)beauty of language



In yesterday’s Independent, Simmy Richman was looking at how the British perception of queuing has changed. Apparently Aaron Gillies in his new book suggests that: ‘Get to the back of the queue, you prick’ as the modern response. But how much more comforting to read Guy Browning’s description of the British way  from his book ‘The British Constitution :first draft:

” In the event of a verbal warning failure, the queue is allowed to seethe with resentment accompanied with barely audible muttering.”

As British as it comes— but then what else could one expect from a man who is named after the leader of the  Dambuster’s from a family named after a gravy making ingredient?