Enough is enough …..

img_1234As I have already mentioned, the idea as far, as I’m concerned with word games, is to use and to use and expand your vocabulary in your own language and enjoy a little friendly competition. Clearly not the case. The way to success is to import into the game as many obscure words from other languages as possible – qi apparently being the all- time favourite of Scrabblists! (Whilst at the same time excluding genuine English words.)

Today the system came out with Touraco – an anglicised spelling of the name of a fruit-eating African bird with brightly coloured plumage, a prominent crest, and a long tail.

Enough – having learned a few words which will be of service if ever called upon to join a discussion on Yak husbandry or anthropoid anatomy, I shall bid farewell to Words with friends.




Any thoughts?

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