We were walking back to the hotel discussing ideas of travel – cruises versus the potentially chaotic random approach we take; trying to understand and respect local customs, mores and greetings.

It was during this conversation that I greeted two truckers with a chirpy ‘Buona sera!’ Unfortunately this coincided precisely with me inadvertantly breaking wind.

I fear that Italians from the north may now believe that a pleasant phatic exchange should be accompanied by a loud fart! Oops!


A BBC interviewer was comparing the current Stormy/Trump farce with the Clinton/Lewinsky affair. The interviewee commented that the comparison was ‘fellatious’ ! That’s what I heard, anyway …….

J. C. and a what!?

I once saw on a freelancer site, a request for a ‘a painting of Jesus cuddling a baby dinosaur’, along the lines of the photo attached. The fact that there was already such a photo in existence is itself a little scary . . . .


That’s OK then . . . .

Overheard in the pub: ‘Modern chainsaws are so safe they’d only cut half way through your arm before they cut out!’

My questions is this: what sort of mentality is required to put the word ‘only’ in this statement?

Is it just me…..

Is it just me or is it bizarre the choice of pictures of Yulia Skripal in the ‘i’?

Normal for the article : slightly ‘glam’ for the front cover?!?