Bullying ? No just joking ….. who’s laughing?!

So bullying is in the news again. Hate to say it (again) but bullying is endemic in our society and is often portrayed as a positive in the media, enjoying celebrity chefs that berate their staff. Programmes such as the Apprentice and Dragons Den encourage people to be dismissive and contestants use phrases like ‘my feet kick butt’ or ‘ I don’t care I just get the job done!’ and similar jingoistic nonsense. Even Mastermind is more interrogation than quiz.

As a freelancer I have had to put up with humorous remarks being made about me in a disadvantaged position where responding could damage my business prospects. Being named and blamed in front of 700 staff for minor technical problem which no one could’ve foreseen and that happened over a year earlier – yes it was done as a joke, of course ……. yeah.

How often is bullying excused as ‘teasing’ or just a joke? Too bloody often.

By Rowland Jones

Jones spends his time writing & performing his songs, writing to the papers, doing illustrations for Zuiderlucht and browsing idly around the net for considerably longer than any adult should . . .

Any thoughts?

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