Cultural appropriation ?!?!

If Jamie is in trouble for cultural appropriation for his rice recipe, then Italian chefs are in deep trouble with the way they treat the noodles that Marco Polo brought back from his Oriental holiday !


Massive media presence!

The publicity machine forges ahead!

TWO letters published in the i this week!

AND a mention on the Rhod Gilbert Show on BBC Radio!!

Well maybe ‘trundles’ ahead ……….

A Mozart Opera . . .

I first heard this sketch on an EP in the ’60’s. I was then fortunate enough to have seen Victor Borge live at The Free Trade Hall in the 70’s. I honestly thought I’d have to leave after the first few minutes, I was laughing so much I felt ill. I came across this today and though I still knew the sketch almost verbatim- I cried laughing. Hope you enjoy it, too!