Massive media presence!

The publicity machine forges ahead!

TWO letters published in the i this week!

AND a mention on the Rhod Gilbert Show on BBC Radio!!

Well maybe ‘trundles’ ahead ……….

4 Replies to “Massive media presence!”

    1. I listen to his show on Radio Wales regularly. It was a feature about pathetic victories- I wrote this:

      Today is a major milestone as for the first time I’ll be listening to this programme live rather than on iPlayer which if nothing else makes the traffic reports more accurate.

      Pathetic victories
      The incomparable satisfaction when the last forkful of mashed avocado coincides miraculously with the last mouthful of toast. Fine planning in action…..

      N.B. I say ‘mashed’ rather than ‘smashed’ as I do not feel a harmless avocado deserves that level of aggression in their final moments ……

      1. I must check out his show on the iPlayer, even though the traffic report will have even less relevance for me 🙂
        We have tickets for his show in Dublin later this year, he is one of my favourite comedians.
        As for smashed avocado, its a despicable term, never mind the aggression! I too will stick to mashing.

      2. Keep on mashing !
        It’s a two hour show usually from his house where he rambles with two Co-hosts -usually Sian Harries ( his wife) and often the wonderful Lloyd Langford!

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