I have to say I am tired – so tired of being asked for feedback. Even in the doctor’s surgery this morning they were asking for feedback would you recommend this place to your friends and family?’ It’s a doctors for God’s sake! If somebody is not well, do I need to  recommend going to the local doctor?

I’ve been asked it at the post office!! ‘How likely are you to recommend the post office to your friends and family? I would suggest that if my friends or family were conscious enough to understand how to, say, write a letter they would probably already know the post office might be a good place to purchase a stamp and post a letter, don’t you think?

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By Rowland Jones

Jones spends his time writing & performing his songs, writing to the papers, doing illustrations for Zuiderlucht and browsing idly around the net for considerably longer than any adult should . . .

Any thoughts?

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