Favourite Xmas present? What about you, Jacob?

…. very nice…….

Riffing !!!

I follow Susie Dent on Instagram and her column in the i. Love her inclusion yesterday of ‘Trumperiness’ – ‘Something showy & bombastic on the outside but in reality utterly worthless!’

Not happy with her use of ‘Riffing’ A riff is a repeated musical phrase most used for rock guitar. Musos never use ‘riffing’ – I blame Will Self – I often do – as he was the first person I heard use it with reference to comedians. Yes I know – ‘language is a living thing etc ……’ I’m not convinced that misuse and misappropriation is OK. ‘Gig’ in the context of the gig economy, is unacceptable in that it’s designed to glamourise a bad situation! Less important, extremely annoying, is that people don’t seem to know the difference between bartering and bargaining/haggling.