The little things in life…..

This pencil, or what is left of it, is in ‘writing implement enthusiast’ circles often considered the Holy Grail – the Blackwing. This is a replica of the 1930 original which apparently can still go for upwards of $40 a piece. Of course using a pencil based on the one used by  John Steinbeck, Leonard Bernstein, and Chuck Jones is not likely to ensure that you emulate any of these people, any more than playing a signature model Fender will make you sound like Jeff Beck or Clapton or using a Moleskine will enable you to be as creative as Pablo Picasso or Ernest Hemingway! But then I have to say I liked drawing and writing with it. Are they worth close to £3 each?

To be honest at the same price as a bucket of tasteless brown liquid from one of the High Street ‘baristas’ I’d say Yes! But that’s me. …….

By Rowland Jones

Jones spends his time writing & performing his songs, writing to the papers, doing illustrations for Zuiderlucht and browsing idly around the net for considerably longer than any adult should . . .

Any thoughts?

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