Oh, please ……

Having spent a lot of time – too much time – watching TV drama during this period of ‘recuperation’ certain things still irritate me.

1 The placards ‘demonstrators’ hold-up in protests in television drama never look genuine!

2 Actors can neither yawn nor sneeze convincingly!

3 Props are frequently not heavy enough – Coffins look too light and often a mug of coffee clearly contains nothing!

Clearly I need to get out more!

Mark Steel in the i

“And now with refreshing honesty, the party that’s been in government for nine years is campaigning on the slogan “Britain deserves better”. It’s quite sweet, in a way, that they appear to have forgotten they’re in charge already. Presumably they’ll follow this up with a manifesto written in the same spirit: “There must be someone better than this bunch of incompetent knobheads. What? Oh it’s us.”