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This was in response to an article about the rise in independent bookshops. I have included my original letter below – the sections in bold were cut. I expected the last paragraph would be cut … but my observation regarding wealthier areas was the point I wanted to make!

I have to say that Backstory sounds – idyllic, music wine, books and chat – most of my favourite pastimes. The problem though is exactly the same as with food shopping – local food shops are thriving in the wealthier areas where you will also find the independent bookshops. I dropped in to a local bookshop the other day – and spotted an interesting book. Seeing as I had £90 of vouchers for a chain bookstore, I arranged to collect it to from them to discover that it was half the cover price. Independent bookshops like independent food shops require disposal income.
Best of luck, Tom – it sounds great and if you require music and I’m in the vicinity I’d be more than happy to do a session.

By Rowland Jones

I spend my time writing & performing songs, writing 'stuff', and browsing idly around the net for considerably longer than any adult should . . .

Any thoughts?

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