Artificial intelligence? Pff!

For those of you concerned for the growing incursion of so called AI, I say fear not! How can I refute the pundits so easily ? Simply, with two examples of the irrational behaviour of technology.

Early this week, a ‘voice over agency’ proudly announced that their ultra – sophisticated algorithms had found some work which correlated directly with my profile. You may ask ‘what was this passport to fame and fortune?’

Well, ‘voiceover needed‘ – good start! And …..young, female Oriental origin .. hmmm. You see my point, but the final nail in the AI threat’s coffin was yet to come.

Spotify enables you to access zillions of tracks. It also prides itself on being able to suggest music that will appeal to the listener. So while I was washing up after dinner, I was listening to Ron Sexsmith and Kings of Convenience. Suddenly I heard something that did not fit with these artists nor with my taste – Michael sodding Buble! I rest my case, sleep easy, my friends.

By Rowland Jones

I spend my time writing & performing songs, writing 'stuff', and browsing idly around the net for considerably longer than any adult should . . .

2 replies on “Artificial intelligence? Pff!”

Clearly AI is working perfectly. Did you not know that Mr Buble may be a sexsmith? ( bit like a blacksmith or a wordsmith)

Any thoughts?

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