Why ‘usual bollocks’?

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I loved BIFF – when they first appeared as postcards in my friend’s bookshop, I would buy one of each and await the next set. Unfortunately I gave one set (possibly two) to a mate of mine being sure that Jim would have them back in stock. Unfortunately Jim was not the best business man – often when I’d call in on a Saturday lunchtime, his busiest time you would have thought, he’d drag me off to the pub. He was, in reality, the prototype for Black Books.
However I continued to follow BIFF in the Guardian and the one that gave me this phrase, I still have in one of my many notebooks. –  I have just started No. 70
This seems appropriate as I started this blog back in 2009 under the name http://www.reallyaccessiblememory.com word-play on the acronym RAM since my notebooks have never crashed, never run out of battery power and are still legible, as this technology will never (I hope!) follow the path of floppy disks, zip disks and 8-track tapes into obsolescence and tragedy.

This blog will also become a home for my many ‘work in progress’ projects as well as having a link to http://www.rowlandjonesmusic.com where you can hear my musical offerings.

You can find out more about BIFF at http://www.biffonline.co.uk

‘The road to Hell is paved with Works in Progress’ Philip Roth