About Rowland Jones & RAM

I was living in Italy with his wife, Lesley and Archie (the Bengal) and Missy, Archie’s gal! Unfortunately have forced us to return to the UK. I sing my ‘contaminated blues’, write, take photos, sketch & scribble in my ever-present Moleskine – No. 55 currently.

‘I started doing a website/blog for the strange reason that I wanted to encourage people to use pen and paper… if that’s not too weird …… everything I post here is in in my journals, and if the whole of cyberspace crashes, my Moleskine notebooks will STILL work…. then you’ll be sorry…..’

36 replies on “About Rowland Jones & RAM”

Excellent! I love the concept. I came to you via the Notebook Stories blog. I usually read blogs STRICTLY from an RSS feed so I limit distractions. I cannot find your RSS feed. I see you’re using WordPress.com so surely you have one?

Good luck and long live pen and paper!


I love the idea behind the blog & your sketches are fantastic. I come from completely the opposite direction though. The only things I ever write down are notes to be typed up later. Everything is digital. I even scan documents so that I can dispose of the originals.

I have often questioned though about different formats. Will the file type I save my photographs in still be supported in 20 years time or will something better come along to replace it, rendering all my images redundant? Food for thought.

Your photography is exceptionally good too.

Thanks I’m glad you like the blog and the pics! I come from a different background in a sense too! I used to make video programmes and produce events as director, producer and all-round media prostitute. So Mac’s photoshop, Powerpoint, and all that. . .

BUT like you you I’ve thought about formats changing and other factors. You might like to have a quick look at my What is ram? page: it’s a similar thought process.

Nice talking to you!

Thanks for your kind comment. As to reciprocal links, at the moment I limit these to sites which relate directly to the topic of my site. So, much though I’m a fan of the legendary Mini . . having owned a pale blue reg. 442 XKO in the early 70’s…. I have to decline. Thanks for the thought anyway

Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

Glad you like my Draw from Life blog posting ‘2.18.11 Coltrane’ (http://e2cary.blogspot.com). After looking at your RAM blog and creative work, I can tell we have much in common. Also, I just ordered a Quiver for my ever-present Moleskine sketchbook. Thanks for the tip. I’ve been making my own ‘quivers’ from duct tape for years. Keep in touch. Cary

You remind me of someone I once saw playing some jazz at a public hostelry called The Vine in a village called Cheadle in England.

It was an amazing coincidence. They were ALL (even the girl) called Rowland Jones!
This was obviously their unique selling point as they even had banners with ‘Rowland Jones Quartet’ plastered about the place.

Er that was me . . . The Vine, which has been called Barsh for some years now, was my local: I lived in Cheadle behind the Church.
We weren’t actually called Rowland Jones the band was me, Helen Pillinger on Sax, Steve Williams on bass and Andy Hay on drums.
So who are you mystery pudding man?!

I am confused now.
If those are their real names, then why were they pretending to have the same name as you?

I hope you kept your bank details to yourself and didn’t disclose your PIN to those other Rowland Jones’s?
Next thing you know, you will check your bank account and find you have supposedly been on ebay and bought a Ford Capri from a man in Wigan!

Thats how these sort of people work. They Join your band by pretending to have the same name as you…….then steal your identity and buy a 1.6l Ghia under your name.

I’m still intrigued: in your first message, you wrote ‘in a village called Cheadle in England.’ which made me think that either you were not from the UK or you thought that I wasn’t- but anybody who knows about Capri1.6 Ghia has to be British.
You have me at a disadvantage, Sir, as SH, might have said so I ask again: who are you mystery pudding man with Capri fixation?

How you doing buddy? What are you up to?
Us? we’re fine – – not exactly true as I was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year- so underwent an operation and two months of daily radiotherapy- not much fun!
But hopefully it’s all over now . . .
What have you been up to?
Rowland, Lesley and Archie . . and Felix . .(Archie’s girlfriend-platonic, you understand)

I was aware of all that (except Archie’s bird) as I have had a nosey through your blog. It’s very good and dead pleased to hear you are all well.
Sunday night here in lymm and I will raise a glass to the many we had on a Sunday night at Cheadle.

Sorry about the cryptic posts and general lowering the tone of your site, I thought you may have guessed who it was!

Say hello to Leslie and Arch. I know they are well from the blog.

Ian, Steph and Bailey (the cat)

It was the cryptic way you wrote that threw me: but now I know it’s you – I can hear you saying: “.. public hostelry called The Vine in a village called Cheadle in England.”!!

We’re OK! looking forward to some warmth and sunshine though!!!

So what have you and Steph and Bailey been up to?


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