Oh, please ……

Having spent a lot of time – too much time – watching TV drama during this period of ‘recuperation’ certain things still irritate me.

1 The placards ‘demonstrators’ hold-up in protests in television drama never look genuine!

2 Actors can neither yawn nor sneeze convincingly!

3 Props are frequently not heavy enough – Coffins look too light and often a mug of coffee clearly contains nothing!

Clearly I need to get out more!

Mark Steel in the i

“And now with refreshing honesty, the party that’s been in government for nine years is campaigning on the slogan “Britain deserves better”. It’s quite sweet, in a way, that they appear to have forgotten they’re in charge already. Presumably they’ll follow this up with a manifesto written in the same spirit: “There must be someone better than this bunch of incompetent knobheads. What? Oh it’s us.”


Choice . . . . .

A short while ago we bought a new TV and signed up for Netflix on the premise and promise that this would give us an enormous range of varied programming to enjoy. So having spent a week in hospital I thought this would all come into its own during my recuperation. ……..at least, I thought

The TV is excellent in terms of technical quality and features but what about the content it offers me? Numerous ‘Bingeworthy’ series ? Really ? Personally I don’t want to commit days of my live to multiple episodes of high speed car chases and outrageous violence! Anyway no matter, the system will select programmes to my taste — though where it got the idea that I’d enjoy Jeremy Clarkson , I know not.

So what else? Multiple reruns of terrestrial ‘TV classics’ punctuated with Stannah stairlifts, cruise ships and denture fixative? Overpaid presenters saying ‘wow!’ whilst visiting exotic places? People who can take a piece of junk and transform it into a ‘newly painted’ piece of junk! So the only route I am left with is the possibility of enjoying the beautifully produced images of Poirot, back to back repeats of The Big Bang Theory or if I need tense action I can guarantee that ‘The Mechanic’ or ‘Taken’ on a weekly basis! 

Choice? Take it or leave it

Hospital life …….

I’ve now been in hospital for precisely one week the difficulty I’m finding is the intense boredom (That aside from excruciatingly painful tests…..)

I’ve Just spent 35 minutes deleting stuff from the storage on my iPhone and I’m reminded of Bill Bryson who once said “I wouldn’t say Finland was boring but I spent one entire evening in my hotel room rearranging the contents of my wallet … ‘


Hurkle-durkling, anyone?

hurkle-durkling, from 18th-century Scottish slang, means lying in bed, or lounging about, long after it’s time to get moving.