Hospital life …….

I’ve now been in hospital for precisely one week the difficulty I’m finding is the intense boredom (That aside from excruciatingly painful tests…..)

I’ve Just spent 35 minutes deleting stuff from the storage on my iPhone and I’m reminded of Bill Bryson who once said “I wouldn’t say Finland was boring but I spent one entire evening in my hotel room rearranging the contents of my wallet … ‘


Hurkle-durkling, anyone?

hurkle-durkling, from 18th-century Scottish slang, means lying in bed, or lounging about, long after it’s time to get moving.


Today we visited the Coliseum which Lesley has wanted to see for some time. The first notable feature of the day is that the pushy sellers of guided visits, overpriced water and trinkets learned it is pointless to approach an Italian speaking Welshman with variable blood pressure – either too low to care or too high to tolerate constant demands.

The sheer scale of the structure is stunning – massive beyond belief, but also the barbaric events are striking. Pitting a bull and an elephant against each other; dousing condemned criminals in flammable liquids so that their dancing becomes a funereal pyre. But the suffering continues to this day – how many gurning selfies will friends and family have to endure?! and on a larger scale, we saw some terrifying footage of a Simon and Garfunkel concert?! Will man’s inhumanity to man never end!?!!

Thanks for that!

Glad they told me – Otherwise I might i’ve missed the enormous hole in the middle of the pavement surrounded by fencing…..