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The HØVEL Pencil Plane

There is something satisfying about an object that is heavy and solid.

This is a Høvel Pencil Plane for sharpening pencils, in case, you hadn’t guessed. Ben bought it for me for Xmas. It is, to be honest, quite tricky to use. My electric pencil sharpener is much easier! (Yes – I do have one. Are you surprised?)

However this solid chunk of brass is simply delightful to hold and use, and that’s good enough for me.

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Communication Breakdown……..

BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

Former art student millionaire (and Led Zep guitarist) Jimmy Page is also a huge fan (and owner) of Burne-Jones tapestries. The somewhat awestruck/sycophantic interviewer attempted to infer a link between the subject matter of the tapestries and the lyrics of Stairway to Heaven – a source of inspiration, perhaps?

“No“ says Page “I didn’t write the lyrics!“

No pretention there, Jimmy! Well done!

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J. C. and a what!?

I once saw on a freelancer site, a request for a ‘a painting of Jesus cuddling a baby dinosaur’, along the lines of the photo attached. The fact that there was already such a photo in existence is itself a little scary . . . .


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Studio Study

Eager to start my new journal, and to fill it with new ideas – I did a few experiments with different pens, drawing the same subject.

Studio Study - Pitt

Studio study - in sepia & black

art-illustration-design Journal Sketching

Another quick sketch . . .