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Communication Breakdown……..

BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

Former art student millionaire (and Led Zep guitarist) Jimmy Page is also a huge fan (and owner) of Burne-Jones tapestries. The somewhat awestruck/sycophantic interviewer attempted to infer a link between the subject matter of the tapestries and the lyrics of Stairway to Heaven – a source of inspiration, perhaps?

“No“ says Page “I didn’t write the lyrics!“

No pretention there, Jimmy! Well done!

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J. C. and a what!?

I once saw on a freelancer site, a request for a ‘a painting of Jesus cuddling a baby dinosaur’, along the lines of the photo attached. The fact that there was already such a photo in existence is itself a little scary . . . .


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Studio Study

Eager to start my new journal, and to fill it with new ideas – I did a few experiments with different pens, drawing the same subject.

Studio Study - Pitt

Studio study - in sepia & black

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Another quick sketch . . .


art-illustration-design Journal Life Sketching

A quick sketch . . .

A quick sketch . . .IMG_1524