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Courtesy of Susie Dent!

‘huff-snuff’ (16th century): a strutting braggart who likes to bully others but is quick to take offence.

I’m wondering if it could be applied to people who take the mick incessantly but get deeply offended if the tables are turned …….

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Concise and witty criticism . . .

‘The covers of this book are too far apart.’ Ambrose Bierce 

The Devil’s Dictionary by Bierce is a great book to dip into: e.g.

Politics. n. A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.

Written in 1911, but apposite today!

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Humour Humor Life

The importance of punctuation …

I remarked to Lesley ‘how pleasant it is listening to Miles Davis making risotto.’

I bet you never realised that he liked cooking…..

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Modern times….

Driving is so different these days!

Hand signals!?!

They’re out the window…….

Thanks to Milton Jones for the inspiration!

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Zout is a spin-off from Zuiderlucht and this is my contribution.

Humour Humor Life Thoughts

Somewhat blatant?

I don’t think anyone is in any doubt about the links between the Tories and big business but surely being called Mark Spencer is a little too obvious even for them?

Humour Humor Life Thoughts

Question Team

Watching this new series on Dave. Nobody – other than Vic – does absurd like Bob Mortimer! They set the bar SO high!