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What year is it?

So we appear to be ‘enjoying’ the 2020 Olympics. Is this simply because they had the posters and signage done? I think it would have been very cool and 21st-century if they had simply send around a bunch of people with Sharpies and spray cans to alter the signs!

Does this mean that in the future we can attach unrelated numbers to events rather than follow the clearly outmoded practice of using the actual year? Assuming this to be the case, and due to the fact that I have recently had a significant birthday, I am planning to use 2000 as my year of birth from now on. Not only that, I shall adjust it every fifth year to ensure that I am permanently in my twenties.

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Well …..

There’s camera shy …….
and then there’s CAMERA SHY!
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The missing inks

My latest contribution to Zuiderlucht
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Back to the roots . . . .

I just can’t understand people who believe that Radio 4 is elitist and middle class . . . . I’d like to stay and chat but I must dash …. just caught a bit of the Archers when somebody is describing her stressful life and she’s reached the point where ‘then the au pair left . . . .’

Urban tragedy in the raw . . .

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I guess that’s a good point . . . . in every sense

‘The pen is mightier than the sword, if the sword is very short and the pen is very sharp.’

Terry Pratchett