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Happy St David’s Day! At secondary school, this was a half day holiday. In the morning, you’d see all the girls wearing daffodils and the lads wearing leeks, often of massive phallic proportions. Ours was a boys only school and around mid-morning the inevitable would happen and you would hear a massive crunching chorus as boy after boy would begin to devour their leeks. The smell was overpowering . . . . . Yes this was the grammar school that brought you Rowan Williams – former Archbishop of Canterbury, Harry Secombe of Goons fame, Spencer Davis and me . . . Discuss.

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Back to the future? No-forward to the past!

I’ve moved one of our Bluetooth speakers into the bedroom. The idea is that as I’m slowly coming round after another night of spasmodic sleep or recovering after an terrifying adventure on ‘Planet Rowland’, I can listen to the soothing sounds of the ‘Today’ programme. It also prepares me for the next round of obscene suggestions from the government or more revelations regarding the criminal activities of our ruling classes

Today’s ‘Today’ was very strange in that I felt I’d been transported back in time – Here’s Tony Blair! And now here is William Hague! Two things struck me immediately:

1 It was difficult to discern any differing principles between two supposedly opposing party representatives. In fact, it was quite difficult to discover any principles at all!

2 Why does William Hague always sound like somebody impersonating William Hague?


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Word of the day

Courtesy of Susie Dent

A ‘mumpsimus’ (16th century) is someone who insists that they are right, despite clear evidence that they are not.

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Word of the day

Courtesy of Susie Dent!

‘huff-snuff’ (16th century): a strutting braggart who likes to bully others but is quick to take offence.

I’m wondering if it could be applied to people who take the mick incessantly but get deeply offended if the tables are turned …….

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Concise and witty criticism . . .

‘The covers of this book are too far apart.’ Ambrose Bierce 

The Devil’s Dictionary by Bierce is a great book to dip into: e.g.

Politics. n. A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.

Written in 1911, but apposite today!

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The importance of punctuation …

I remarked to Lesley ‘how pleasant it is listening to Miles Davis making risotto.’

I bet you never realised that he liked cooking…..

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Modern times….

Driving is so different these days!

Hand signals!?!

They’re out the window…….

Thanks to Milton Jones for the inspiration!