‘Creative wirter journaliasm Attention to grammar and spelling essential’

A genuine ad ! I despair ……..



We were walking back to the hotel discussing ideas of travel – cruises versus the potentially chaotic random approach we take; trying to understand and respect local customs, mores and greetings.

It was during this conversation that I greeted two truckers with a chirpy ‘Buona sera!’ Unfortunately this coincided precisely with me inadvertantly breaking wind.

I fear that Italians from the north may now believe that a pleasant phatic exchange should be accompanied by a loud fart! Oops!


A BBC interviewer was comparing the current Stormy/Trump farce with the Clinton/Lewinsky affair. The interviewee commented that the comparison was ‘fellatious’ ! That’s what I heard, anyway …….

J. C. and a what!?

I once saw on a freelancer site, a request for a ‘a painting of Jesus cuddling a baby dinosaur’, along the lines of the photo attached. The fact that there was already such a photo in existence is itself a little scary . . . .