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Communication Breakdown……..

BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

Former art student millionaire (and Led Zep guitarist) Jimmy Page is also a huge fan (and owner) of Burne-Jones tapestries. The somewhat awestruck/sycophantic interviewer attempted to infer a link between the subject matter of the tapestries and the lyrics of Stairway to Heaven – a source of inspiration, perhaps?

“No“ says Page “I didn’t write the lyrics!“

No pretention there, Jimmy! Well done!

Life Music Thoughts

If not for me . . . .

This is a great book – beautifully written. And it inspired me to write this song.

‘If not for me…..’

on the album

‘New Start, New Day’ by Rowland Jones

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Me and Oscar

Upstairs at Ronnie’s was, as you might have guessed, above Ronnie Scott’s legendary club.

We shared the dressing room with Oscar Peterson . . . . . .


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The Crown, Wes Montgomery, and grammar in food talk . . .





‘I never practice my guitar – – from time to time I just open the case and throw some meat in.’

Wes MontgomeryFullSizeRender-2

Humour Humor Music Thoughts

A visit from The Four Tops, maybe . .

An American company has its informed me that is has passed my information on to its London office, and that someone will ‘reach out to me’. Am looking forward to a visit from the legendary boys from Motown. And ‘I’ll be there . . . . ‘