How everyday can you get……

You see people think that because you live in a beautiful country and wonderful works of art, etc, that you will automatically gravitate to drawing these things. I don’t. Danny Gregory is concerned with Everyday Matters; I’m the same. I just happened to see this ashtray when I was having a cup of coffee and decided to draw it. Why not?

Technolust . . . . . .

Many years ago, (1984) I wrote an article for a UK magazine called ‘Sound on Sound’ which was about music technology… samplers, synths, digital recording. I coined, (I think) the word TECHNOLUST… the craving for new technology (insert ‘synth’,’camera’, software’ as approriate) which will make the difference between being OK and being a step up…. even, great and succesful!

Now I still have a Mac (two, actually . . . ), a digital studio, a smartphone, several digital cameras, etc. etc.; so I’m not anti-technology, but I always have with me ‘pen & paper’  normally a Moleskine with …. well, there’s the rub… I’m still suffering from some sort of technolust. I have a sufficiently large collection of pens and pencils etc to fill a small medium-sized shop. It’s still technolust. Just a different type.


Pre and after shave

Shaving is an odd thing: one of things that as a young boy you want SO much to prove that you are a grown up- then you suddenly realise that you are now committed  to a life sentence of scraping your face with a sharp implement every morning  – as my (bearded) doctor, once put it. BUT why do we then have these products which in reality ‘sting’? Is it meant to be bracing? What sort of absurd machismo is that? What does it achieve?

Sunday lunch at Trevi

Great lunch . . I could have done the ‘taster’ lunch in the square… but I don’t like eating food off plastic plates and drinking wine out of plastic cups  . . . . all whilst standing up. This was much more civilised. The new oil, which is very early, was spectacular, and the salsiccia, and  . . . . .  everything was just right!!!

The Big Draw…il Grande Disegno

It started as part of the Campaign for Drawing in the UK,  but it is now a annual worldwide event. In Italy, it only happens at Trevi at the moment, and yesterday was the second year. I love the Quentin Blake illustration for the logo!

It seemed to involve mainly children, parents and grandparents . . . . and me. I drew some stuff, like these ‘balloons and tap’, and had a laugh with some of the kids.  I just wish there had been this sense of freedom to experiment for us 50 years ago. . . . .

PS these are tiny versions in my Moleskine: the originals were a lot larger!!