World Karaoke Championship…..

The world Karaoke championships are being held in Russia… hmm.. unfortunately I can’t quite see the difference between this and the X-factor type stuff….. except that this offers a recording deal, lots of dosh, the chance to ‘become a singer in my future life’ as one of the performers put it…..and of course, a prize of one (ten?) million dumplings…. although a few of the contenders seem to be already well endowed with their own dumplings, as Benny Hill might have put it….. and I don’t mean only the females.

Bentley day……

Yesterday David and Cynthia turned up in this beautiful beast. You CANNOT travel in  a car like this without smiling like an idiot: people wave, they cheer, it’s a lovely experience…. it’s a celebration of something ….. something great!!! Thanks, guys!


My Italian is pretty good but every now and then I still get it wrong, REALLY wrong…..

Last evening I was talking to friend who has had a similar operation. He asked how I was. I said I felt OK , and was a bit more active as I’d started rehearsing with the band again. He asked if I had ‘started the radio‘. As we were talking about music, I assumed he was talking about my radio programme. No; he was talking about the radio therapy I’m due to start! When I realised this, I explained the misunderstanding:he barely reacted. I suspect he was still puzzling over why I should have been ‘off-air due to problems with the sponsorship’ . . probably wondering whether I actually got paid to do radiotherapy………


A young Italian musician friend has asked me to ‘check’ his English. How do I deal with:

“Every fall the cold freezes my feet,

But your warmth, I heat up to sweat my pants”

It may work in Italian but in English…… mamma mia.