A young Italian musician friend has asked me to ‘check’ his English. How do I deal with:

“Every fall the cold freezes my feet,

But your warmth, I heat up to sweat my pants”

It may work in Italian but in English…… mamma mia.

Weather forecasts…..

I don’t want a web-site that gives me intricate details of temperature , humidity etc. I want a site that says:

“You’ll be fine with just a T-shirt, Rowland, but take that black jacket, ‘cos you might need it later in the afternoon. Lesley, you’ll be fine as you are….. by the way, love the shoes.”

Is that too much to ask?!!


I spent some(!) time yesterday, uploading, linking and tagging: and it certainly increased traffic to the site. However it still didn’t get anywhere near my ‘best day’ occurred when I was lying in  a hospital bed and the site had as little activity (in terms of new posts  etc..) as I’d had for five days….. hmm…..