Humbling . . .

The way some people manage to deal with the most difficult circumstances can be extremely humbling at times. Max Stratos, a musician friend of mine from Messina is coming with his band,  Aldo and Marcello, to visit me tomorrow. He phoned me earlier to say they were leaving late this evening, and driving through the night, as it was easier for him when he was driving! Max is blind.

You understand what I’m saying?

Big job, missus

Today I got a msg. from Liz, my ex-wife: her sister had taken her car to be ‘fixed’ the mechanic phoned with some news: more problems? more and bigger bills? NO he’d found a 5 foot long Corn snake under the bonnet: it wouldn’t be surprising if she lived in some exotic wild country but she lives in Manchester……..   well, maybe it fits the description