Moleskine in a moleskine

Well not exactly to scale… but just an idea. Futui Coponam? Graffiti in Pompei…. which apparently means  ‘I screwed the barmaid’. Also brief glimpse of my feline friend, Archie the Bengal…..  and a great quote from William Morris

World Karaoke Championship…..

The world Karaoke championships are being held in Russia… hmm.. unfortunately I can’t quite see the difference between this and the X-factor type stuff….. except that this offers a recording deal, lots of dosh, the chance to ‘become a singer in my future life’ as one of the performers put it…..and of course, a prize of one (ten?) million dumplings…. although a few of the contenders seem to be already well endowed with their own dumplings, as Benny Hill might have put it….. and I don’t mean only the females.

Bentley day……

Yesterday David and Cynthia turned up in this beautiful beast. You CANNOT travel in  a car like this without smiling like an idiot: people wave, they cheer, it’s a lovely experience…. it’s a celebration of something ….. something great!!! Thanks, guys!