Hope springs eternal???

Two days ago, I saw a ray of hope for civilisation….. a return to sanity…… yes the U2 concert in Turin wasn’t sold out!!!!

But I spoke too soon, the following day, there were three pages about St. Bono in La Repubblica….Boh!

AND my hope was further undermined when I read that there had been plans for a Michael Jackson concert for the Pope…….. Amen

Morality, football, and Camus

‘Everything I learned about morality I learned from the football field.’ The words of Albert Camus, great existentialist writer and amateur goalkeeper……. lucky he didn’t see the World Cup Final………..

the hospital blues

Without doubt hospital is the place for treatment. Silvestrini’s staff have been wonderful.

But for resting? it never rests and therefore neither do you….. Why else would I be blogging at this hour??????

Internet: beauty & the ……

‘There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge’

Bertrand Russell

The beauty of the internet is that you can find stuff like this. The absurdity is that the same search gave me information about a brand of electric kettle.