I spent some(!) time yesterday, uploading, linking and tagging: and it certainly increased traffic to the site. However it still didn’t get anywhere near my ‘best day’ occurred when I was lying in  a hospital bed and the site had as little activity (in terms of new posts  etc..) as I’d had for five days….. hmm…..


Yes I know that Holmes never actually used that word: it was only Basil Rathbone…. but I love the idea of this basically hyper-observant man… yup thtat’s what it is…. and after watching the new Hollywood version… which I thoroughly enjoyed… almost as much as the UK Granada series with Jeremy Brett, I started reading the COMPLETE stories (again) but hadn’t realised that The Study in Scarlet is HIGHLY critical of the Mormon church and it’s ‘methods’ ……….

PS just went onto IMDB to look at Jeremy Brett, and his words about his wife and her death are really touching……….


I sketched this outside my house, and am quite pleased by the end result… the only thing is that the subject/style reminds me too much of “Diary of an Edwardian country lady’…..

More coffee

This one of my many coffee makers……. ironically I nearly always made proper coffee in the UK, whereas since moving back to Italy I tend to drink it only at the bar!