RAM in Matchboox!!!

A miniature RAM is now available from an innovative Dutch company called Matchboox ! Matchboox produce Matchbox sized Japanese style books….. it features work from many of the best known Dutch artists and writers… I believe I am probably the first Welsh person to be invited to contribute!!!


Everybody has heard of Porsche but what about Erwin Komenda? He was the guy who actually designed the distinctive Porsche look from the 356 to the 911. Nice one, Erwin!!!


I am a luggage junkie: I have many bags of different sizes: this is a small cheap bag I bought in Siena. Just before going to Bratislava I decided I could deal with this holding a Moleskine,  a Pilot G-Tec and a pencil. The day before we left, the hooks on the strap snapped………

PS please ignore the date as I appear to have not yet drawn this……

the net….

I read this morning that over 74 million words have been posted on WordPress alone today.  Here is an example of what the net has to offer:

Face it, equally we geezerhood, our teeth convert broken and damp…… Because approximately conclude, brass looks to cling often break to their teeth and bods astir cursorily flush if sweeping and flossing on a regular basis………..It is besides important to commemorate to clash decently inward club to bump off memorial tablet…..These arrange a big caper at checking brass bod improving although are quite a an burned a lot of costly than a fixture soup-strainer.


A benevolent Tooth sweeping and employ of a character dental floss leave continue dental brass and early dust from comme il faut baffled betwixt and along your dentition.

And who amongst us hasn’t at one time thought that very same thought……


P.S. I have said that everything on this blog is taken from my written journals. In this case, it is only the ‘headline’ why would I waste time copying this drivel into my notebook?!!!


Found a lovely gallery in Bratislava: and in it there was this piece: brilliant idea, well executed. Every can is a ‘work of literature’ Proust, Jorge Luis Borges, Rimbaud, Machiavelli, Oscar Wilde, Kafka…………..