‘art with a capital F….’ Spike Millligan

‘As an artist, XXXXXX is interested in the implicit stories that images tell. It might not be a story in the linear sense, but an image can leave us to wonder at the importance of a particular scene, the relationship between characters, whose experience is being told and why. An image can take us into a story, and provide us with a means of experiencing it.’

Hmm . . . . . so every picture tells a story, then. I think Spike, got it right…….

….see what I mean?

As the caption says: the same pot after Lesley has taken her zero tolerance approach to pruning……

This was during the early stages of recuperation when a daily injection was necessary. I was given instructions which consisted of: ‘It’s easy…. just stick it in your stomach………..’

Green fingers……….

I’m a bit worried that this spread looks a bit like ‘Diary of an Edwardian Country lady’ or whatever it was called. …….. however the next entry will convince all(?) of you that the Jones family as a rule seem better at killing rather than nurturing plants…..

Hope springs eternal???

Two days ago, I saw a ray of hope for civilisation….. a return to sanity…… yes the U2 concert in Turin wasn’t sold out!!!!

But I spoke too soon, the following day, there were three pages about St. Bono in La Repubblica….Boh!

AND my hope was further undermined when I read that there had been plans for a Michael Jackson concert for the Pope…….. Amen

Songs for the moment……..

MORE tests today, so just to brighten up my day, a few song titles:

Ob blah di oh bladder

Urinestone Cowboy

anything by Urethra Franklin

and (to be performed with actions) the Village people with

High P. S. A.