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Design Classics: Gitanes packet

After one of my regular ‘commenters’, Cayman Thorn remarked on my inclusion of Zippo lighters, which brought to mind, my mate Barry (again) who said that from a design standpoint, a packet of Gitanes was the perfect smoker’s kit!! This was a late night attempt to capture the elegance of the packet- hmm, must take more water with it. . .

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and there are the non-starter designs- 2 – spiked shoes

No. 2 in an occasional series . . .

My Mum used to be referred to as ‘granny-gadget’ by one of my nieces. She seem to be less interested in them now than before- but she can still be fascinated by a new type of pen . . . yes, I think that’s where I get it from . . . .

Anyway these were one of her less functional purchases . . . . .


and there are the non-starter designs- 1- whizzing visors

My previous post about classic design suddenly brought me to thinking about the other extreme: absurd designs. So this is ‘the first in an occassional series‘ as, I believe, the quality papers used to say.


Classic design-the kitchen knife

Whilst looking at this and drawing it, I was thinking about other classics: the Swiss army knife, the Zippo lighter, and maybe  other examples which I had to hand….. not realising that the very Moleskine I was using is a design classic in itself . . . .


Parcels, geography, Stella Artois and customer service: Part the second

The plot thickens – – today I contacted the local agent once again – – different person, different attitude – I expresssed my concern that Barcelona seemed to have  moved several hundred kilometres to the east in order, presumably, to make it a convenient stop off between Germany and Central Italy. Understanding my concern, she confirmed that the parcel was, in fact, in Italy, and would have been delivered today if the address had been clearly written. Hmm…..

It was written in the equivalent of the following:

Street & House Number: 10, Downing

City: Street

Country: UK

Now certainly this would still be comprehensible to many people,  however given that I am not Prime Minister, and that the village in which I live (popn:800)  is more than a million times smaller than London (popn:8 Million) this might cause problems to any delivery person. Clearly in small Italian village ‘where’s the bloke called Jones live?’ would solve any problem of the location of my house –  it may well have been a real problem if I lived in Rhosllanerchrugog, for example. However here the problem would be knowing in which particular tiny hamlet in Italy I lived. . . . given current progress, probably that one with the highest consumption per capita of Stella Artois . . . .