Honesty ?

So I see a beautifully shot TV commercial with majestic black horses running on the beach and this is meant to make me believe that Lloyds bank is on my side?


The little things in life…..

This pencil, or what is left of it, is in ‘writing implement enthusiast’ circles often considered the Holy Grail – the Blackwing. This is a replica of the 1930 original which apparently can still go for upwards of $40 a piece. Of course using a pencil based on the one used by  John Steinbeck, Leonard Bernstein, and Chuck Jones is not likely to ensure that you emulate any of these people, any more than playing a signature model Fender will make you sound like Jeff Beck or Clapton or using a Moleskine will enable you to be as creative as Pablo Picasso or Ernest Hemingway! But then I have to say I liked drawing and writing with it. Are they worth close to £3 each?

To be honest at the same price as a bucket of tasteless brown liquid from one of the High Street ‘baristas’ I’d say Yes! But that’s me. …….

The what?

So Clarkson and co have moved further into the dark side …..

‘Amazon’s hit show’ they say

But they advertise ‘Amazonshitshow’ !!

Oh, how we laughed!!!