‘Down in the mouth Blues’ at Onda Road!

Friday night’s gig was excellent – good crowd, great sound guy and the boys were cooking ! We were at the end of the final set and ‘Never Been to Memphis’ was building to a great finale – I hit the penultimate chord and sang ‘But I’ve been down to the Crossroads ….. ‘ at which point a tiny fly which had been circling threateningly dived down my throat as I sang with some difficulty ‘and everybody passed by me…’

The shouts for an encore were lovely and reassuring and I sang ‘Still the Blues’ with an appropriate feeling if a little tentatively! Rock’n’Roll !

Cultural appropriation ?!?!

If Jamie is in trouble for cultural appropriation for his rice recipe, then Italian chefs are in deep trouble with the way they treat the noodles that Marco Polo brought back from his Oriental holiday !