Can someone explain to me why you would go into a pub where there is live acoustic music if you have no interest in listening to it? (Or even respecting that fact that other people might want to listen to it) Why?

Bizarrely the louder the group of people, then the louder they clap at the end even though they will have barely heard anything!

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Creatures of habit . . .


Humour Humor Journal Life Thoughts

Closed for lunch . . . .


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Italian crises…. the bar is shut! . . . .. and yes, there’s that Berlusconi stuff . . . but the bar is shut!!!

Eating and Drinking: wine food beer cooking Humour Humor Italy-Italia Journal

Porchetta, pancetta e Alpini

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Piano bar -literally

Sketching Thoughts

Bratislava – 3: photography and back to the bar . . .

Went to the Central European Centre of Photography: saw a wonderful exhibition by Gerlinde Meisenbock.. taken on a Holga . . lots of multiple exposures.

Also there was wonderful lady on reception who talked to us for ages – didn’t understand much of the language, but the sentiment was lovely.

Retired to a bar, from where I did this, …this time tried blocking out with watercolour first and then adding detail. I often wonder whether my objection to the term ‘plein air’ is that it’s a pretentious way of saying outside, or whether because in my case it rarely is truly outdoors . . . . .


At the bar again….

At the bar again . . . . I think regular – or even occasional – readers of this blog would understand my ‘lifestyle’. Here we are at the bar again. This time it’s the Cafe degli Artisti in Citta della Pieve. I was determined to add colour, but so carried away with the Pigma that I didn’t want to ‘risk it’ How many times have we all ruined pictures by actually adding too much?