Journal Thoughts

Credit where credit is due . . . . and that doesn’t mean catering assistants, drivers or riggers

I’m still trying to include posts as they were written – not re-typed. This is good practice as I have to keep them short, as my lack of penmanship doesn’t enable me to write elegantly (or even legibly….) for any length of time! So a short but heart-felt rant on film credits!

Sketching Thoughts

Bratislava – 4: Vienna, Klimt, and Bussmann

It was – 6º C and though a capital city, Bratislava was deserted. Just large numbers of street cleaners. Even the sunglasses wearing guards at the presidential palace were on their hols, presumably on the assumption that there will be no threat to national security as international terrorists will also be relaxing with their families, enjoying some  garden based activities or talking part in sport based exercise as it is the weekend.

After joining the wrong queue for the 75,000th time, we get sent to another queue where we get the train , which appears to pass through Siberia, and the inappropriately named town of Simmering.

The Klimt Beethoven frieze is quite spectacular, though personally I was most impressed by the building itself! There was also an exhibition by Maria Bussmann who has done 20 metre long pencil seascapes. Nice idea.