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The wonderful world of animals- part 2

Italy-Italia Thoughts

The wonderful world of animals- honestly, I mean it!

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petitelapgiraffe . . . yeah sure . .

this is so well done . . .the idea of using a ‘billionaire’ stereotype character, makes it almost believable. Believable? well put it this way, I have a Bengal which is a cross between an Asian Leopard cat and a domestic cat wild but cute – . . . but now you CAN buy an even wilder cat called Ashera for $25,950 ap. so mini giraffes is not that absurd . . . well, it is but you know what I mean

Cats Eating and Drinking: wine food beer cooking Italy-Italia Journal Language Thoughts

Salsiccia, gorgonzola . . . . or how can something I love, hurt me so . . .

Cats Journal Language Thoughts

Irritable Bowl Syndrome . . . yes, that’s what I said

This is Archie: he is a Bengal. He deigns to live with us.