You’ve seen the fantasy . . .but this is the reality

I posted a picture of my ‘workspace’ a while ago….

Nice huh?  yeah but this is how it is now  . . . . and normally . . .






Of course, for many people this is quite organized, but this is unbearable chaos for many of us who are chained to the idea of universal order . . . . . those of us who will only stack books carefully in a tower of decreasing size, who cannot stand to see a row of pencils with one pointing a different way to the others, etc. … yes, you know who you are . . . fortunately both my wife and I are similar in that way. In the chaos of the January sales whilst I was struggling to get into a pair of Levis in an optimistic size . . . my wife was carefully refolding the rejected attempts …. amidst a chaos of determined shoppers which would have registered on the Richter scale.


Only in Italy

The morning after  my ‘First post therapy gig’ fiasco the main/only topic of conversation in the bar was the chaos created by the heavy snowfall. Italy and the rest of Europe had ground to a halt. On the Firenze-Bologna autostrada there were people stuck in their trucks and cars for up to 17 hours. However one truck driver who was carrying Prosecco and Panettone, a very traditional Xmas combination; sparkling wine and cake. He decided that he needed to eat and drink and shared his cargo with others stuck in the same snowbound situation!

I think us Brits would have starved to death, whereas this enterprising Italian simply made the best of the situation. Excellent!