strange world of dreams . . .

Last night I went to see a band play at Ricomincio da Tre in San Mariano, Corciano:  the Alberto Mommi Quartet. The saxophone is not my favourite instrument mainly because often players – especially, young ones – play overlong solos, with a tone that is harsh. It had forgotten how beautiful Alberto’s alto sounded:  soft and round and gentle. Complimenti!! Great band, too with a very interesting young drummer!!!

Unusually I slept quite well, but as usual I had a vivid dream: last night it involved going out somewhere in Manchester and I had unwisely gone out in my stockinged feet. Calling into a hardware store(!) I discovered  that they sold Converse style baseball boots, which were displayed in a dis-assembled state for some reason. These particular ones were orange and printed on the rubber sides were the words: “The Phil Woods Alliance”   Yes, Phil Woods –  the great alto player – – who frankly, I had not thought of some years, sprang up in my dream. I think Alberto would take it as a compliment!!!