Cultural differences …. and American football again? No . . . it’s The Silver Spoon

For some reason the last post didn’t appear yesterday on my Mac, so I posted it again…. so now it HAS appeared and there seems no point in duplicating it.

Sketching Thoughts

the fugu and artichoke . . . convenience food?!

I can understand how we came about to eat certain attractive things: cherries , apples, oranges. I can understand how we came about to eat meat and even to go to the trouble of opening coconuts. But there are certain things:

  • digging up a potato!
  • picking an artichoke and throwing 85% of it away!
  • eating a fish that would require experimentation on a scale large enough to kill your entire family before being able to eat it…. and survive!!!!

Sorry about the mis-spelling . . . . . proves it’s a ‘real’ post from my Moleskine,  at least